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Ramen Champion/Hong Kong

It had been at least a year since I did any serious ramen hunting in Hong Kong so on my most recent trip I decided to go to the (then recently-opened) Ramen Champion in Hong Kong, near the Jordan MTR station. Ramen Champion is a "ramen themepark/stadium" in the basement of an office building, loosely based on similar setups in Japan. Shops rotate frequently, the ones present at that time included:

Minami Aoyama
Bishamon Rei (毗沙门 零)
Muso (無双/无双)

Bishamon Rei and Muso are still there. Note the picture of Yamagishi-san on the display board in the first attached photo. I was able to eat at Minami Aoyama and Bario over the course of two days. Of the two I found Bario (the last picture below) the better, much like many of the Jiro-like clones - but very garlicky with the sour raw bite that comes from a huge amount of fresh garlic. All these shops generally seem to want to project that they are Japanese, or descended from shops in Japan.

There does not appear to be an English web site for Ramen Champion. However decent English is generally spoken throughout the place as in most areas of HK. There is also a Ramen Champion in Singapore. Check the link below for the shops that are currently there: