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Abura Soba Kasugatei/Kanda

"Mega noodles and mega meat" type of chain with several branches in Tokyo. Forgot to take a picture of the outside with its long description of the product and how it is made. Look on Google Maps. Down the street from Waizu. Be sure to tell them no raw egg if you don't want it as the place seems to be a niku soba/maze soba combination. Pretty thick, correctly done noodles, with a good shoyu abura coating and four healthy pies of grilled pork. Could probably have left out the onions too if I had thought of it.

Our 400th review.

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Orenchi Beyond/San Francisco

Orenchi Beyond - I had the Orenchi Ramen. Excellent. Place is very stylish and modern, with a young waitstaff.

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Houkiboushi Plus/Kanda


Down the street from Edo-ko sushi. Nothing special, decent tokyo-style shoyu with a single piece of passable pork. They also have a tori paitan. Good quality home made noodles. Counter seating very cramped.

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Kirimachi/San Francisco


This place has reviews all the way up and down the scale on Yelp. They had tonkotsu gyokai of all things, I've eaten 200 bowls of that in Tokyo but this I have never seen in the US before, full stop. It was excellent - the true true flavor with the slight fishiness and the powdery grittyness. The noodles were correctly done for tonkotsu gyokau but the portion, like other reviewers have seen, was a bit small for the price. I would get the extra noodles for a full meal. The place was a bit empty but I was there early in the afternoon. The woman behind the counter really wanted to please and pointed out different things to me on the menu.

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Ramen Kaito/Kanda


This is a combination Chinese and Japanese ramen place with some other Chinese dishes thrown in, the niku tsukemen was not the best I've ever had, but it was good, and the way the meat was presented gyu-don-style chopped up on top of the noodles was very satisfying. Very helpful and fiendly staff. They give you a squeeze bottle of lemon-flavored-abura to put on the noodles prior to dipping - strongly recommended. Also you can get the usual set of Chinese dishes, jin-jya-rosu, ma-op-tofu etc. Good for a party where everyone wants something different. There are no hugely standout chinese places in the Kanda area, they are all decent. A lot of them end up being in basements.

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Ramen Underground/San Francisco


This was the second place of this SF trip. In an slightly sketchy area that was undergoing a lot of renovation. This was the only place in SF that I went to that looked like the tencho was actually Japanese. There was no lingering like other places, people seemed to know how to eat and get out. Cash only. Very thick deep tonkotsu taste with both chicken and kakuni buta pieces. Lots of weird writing on the walls. I agree with some of the Yelp ratings - I think the place is a bit underrated.

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Ramen Jiro clone. Pork a bit lacking. However it's the only one right near the station, almost connected to it, on the northeast side. Very small number of seats. Was written up in some ramen mags in the past, may have been mentioned on the cover of one as evidenced by the sign outside. Noodles thick and correctly done, but broth closer to Tokyo shoyu than Jiro tonkotsu.

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