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Ramen Tokyo Maps - Recommended Shops

Here is an up-to-date map of all Ramen Tokyo "Recommended Shops" in Tokyo, now numbering more than 110! Click on any map pin to bring up the name of that shop and a link back to the associated Ramen Tokyo page. Click on the Ramen Tokyo Maps link at the bottom left to go to a larger and more versatile map with printing and filtering capabilities. Please give us your feedback on whether this is useful or not.

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Oh! Dumpling/Montreal

Near the Desjardins complex. Good boiled dumplings made fresh in a glass-walled kitchen area, clearly visible from the eating area. They have about 10 different types of dumplings including pork, beef, lamb and various veggie versions. Staff is very friendly and speaks English. This was good for a late night snack, They also have bubble tea if you are into that. Excellent hot and sour soup along with a decent selection of regular Chinese standards. Open until 10 PM.

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Restaurant Noodle Factory/Montreal


This is a cozy cafe-style Chinese place, quite small but with an extensive menu of Chinese items, some Thai and other things. The staff is extremely friendly in both French and English. Varied menu in both French and English. I had the hot and sour soup with noodles - about a real medium sized portion - it was of good quality with a good balance of pepper and sour tastes. Probably should have gotten an order of dumplings also.

Note that many restaurants in Montreal including this one do not open until 11 AM on Sundays.

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Nouilles de Lan Zhou/Montreal


A medium-sized multi-level place with both tables and counter space, wrapped in plastic vinyl blinds around the entrance. You can see the noodles being made thorough the front window at certain times, and it attracts some tourists constantly. There is a medium-sized Chinese grocery including both dry and wet goods in the basement. The restaurant has a multi-page menu but most people were simply getting the Lan Zhou noodles in soup. The "medium" is tremendous in size, the bowl is 12 inches across - I am glad I didn't order the large. You can choose the size and shape of the noodles you want along with spicy or non-spicy broth. The broth has a nice rich but measured flavor, with a slight herby taste like pho broth. The pork however was very lacking. If you are not really adept with chopsticks you will need to ask for a fork to pick up the noodles. Recommended in spite of the pork.

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Abura Soba Kasugatei/Kanda

"Mega noodles and mega meat" type of chain with several branches in Tokyo. Forgot to take a picture of the outside with its long description of the product and how it is made. Look on Google Maps. Down the street from Waizu. Be sure to tell them no raw egg if you don't want it as the place seems to be a niku soba/maze soba combination. Pretty thick, correctly done noodles, with a good shoyu abura coating and four healthy pies of grilled pork. Could probably have left out the onions too if I had thought of it.

Our 400th review.

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Orenchi Beyond/San Francisco

Orenchi Beyond - I had the Orenchi Ramen. Excellent. Place is very stylish and modern, with a young waitstaff.

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