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Ramen Shop Theme Parks

Throughout Japan there are a number of what I will call "ramen shop theme parks". These theme parks are not outdoor affairs with clowns, balloons and roller coasters but rather they are simply collections of individual shops inside shopping centers and malls, etc. and the theme, surprisingly enough, is ramen. The most famous one is probably the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, actually that one is more like a real museum than a theme park, however it's a commercial enterprise like all the rest to be sure.

I have been to just about all of of the ramen theme parks in and near Tokyo and I will present links to the reviews or external sites here:


Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum (Yokohama)

Ramen Square NY (Tachikawa City)

Ramen Kokugikan (Odaiba)

Ramen Symphony (Kawasaki City)

Shinatatsu (Shinagawa) (a branch of the excellent Tetsu is here)

Sagamihara Liberty Gourmet Plaza

Tokyo Station Ramen Street

Ramen Academy (Saitama City)

Ramen Tokoro (in Ebina Vinawalk)

Ramen Theater (Chiba Inage-ku)

Koenji Ramen Yokocho (TETSU is here also)

Funabashi Ramen Yokocho