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Kosumo at Vinawalk/Ebina
古寿茂 at VINAWALK/海老名


Ebina Vinawalk is another one of these giant shopping malls way outside of Tokyo, that contains one of these "ramen theme parks", as we refer to them on this site. Actually this place was not a shopping mall so much as a giant collection of outdoor individual stores, sort of connected by an odd collection of roofs and walkways. Mostly clothing stores but also an Outback, some pachinko places etc. The food court and supermarket are worth checking out on their own as they have some stalls and shops not normally seen in other places of this type. So the included ramen theme park, called "Ramen Place" or "Ramen Tokoro", contains seven shops including branches of Iroha, Aoba and Seishoumaru. I chose to go to Kosumo (古寿茂), a very clean and large shop that specializes in chicken broth ramen or "toripaitan", written as "鳥白湯". This is a very salty but very clean-tasting chicken-broth-based ramen that was very rich, with a generous amount of fat and oil in it. The "chashu" is actually several moderately thick slices of white-and-dark meat chicken, the breast + whatever else. The noodles were medium thickness and tasted as though they were in-house made. Some chopped negis and menmas also complete the picture. They have English menus on the wall and next to the ticket machine which is on the left immediately when you come in. A very rich filling taste on a rainy day.

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