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I got to Seishoumaru right after the opening and people started filing in immediately - this is a good sign, to me this means that there are lots of locals who like this place and know when it opens and come regularly. It's a very neat and clean shop, with a U-shaped counter - they deliver the ramen on trays to keep the counter neat and tidy. You are encouraged to put loads of chopped garlic in your broth - the yellow sign facing you on the counter indicates that it builds stamina. The ramen and tsukemen here has a very salty broth, with very mochi-mochi noodles. They also provide a set of good round pork slices of a reasonable thickness, but served cold. They have a very simple menu, including a miso tsukemen, not something you see very frequently. Lots of porn and manga under the counter. A sesame dispenser is also on the counter - but be careful since it's easy to go overboard with that stuff. Overall the experience is a lot like Tetsu, with a few pieces of chopped-up pork in the soup and a slice of kamaboko. The default size is 200g, they all come with an egg and go up to 500g. The sign outside has sizes and prices and they are open until 11. The Odakyu-sen will get you there. They have a very nice and professionally done web page too.

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