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The October 2008 Ramen-Lovers club meeting convened after work in the first floor of our building. The first item on the menu of fun tonight was Hirataishu, a place in Gotanda about 10 mins walk from the station going south torwards Oosaki. This place is almost right under the tracks of the first stop on the Tokyu Ikegami-sen going south. There was a line outside, both when we arrived and when we left. The shop has a pretty sparse and dark interior. It has a fairly good rating on Supleks - 56. They also have both miso and tonkotsu ramen, plus a special baku-mori-abura-abura men 爆盛油脂麺, which I got. Baku = burst of laughter. The dish is quite good, but very filling, even for its small size. The pork on the abura men was diced and crumbled up, much smaller and granular compared to the pork slices on the regular dishes. The store has 12-13 seats at a long counter that goes around the store. The noodles were delivered in a very messy bowl. They are different from most other abura soba noodles in that they are thick noodles that internally (internally to the noodle) tasted like they had flavor inside of them, like a shoyu flavor had been mixed in at noodle-making time. It was a very "dry" dish, you won't have a bunch of oil and sauce at the bottom with this dish when you are done like Miharu or Ikaruga or other mazesoba places. Very generous portion of onions included too. I guess you would call this an abura soba or shiru nashi dish. My coworkers got miso ramen, generally. All will come with an egg by default and 400g of noodles, and lots of fat sprinked on top. For a drink you can have beer or apple juice. The noodles might be too firm for some people.

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