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At Ju-Roku there was a short line, about 5 people outside. It's located a bit of a walk from the station, about 15 mins, you pass a new Ramen Dai on the right side as you walk west from Ikebukuro Station. The shop has a nice wooden store front. The noodles at Ju-Roku come in 5 sizes from 200 to 700 grams. They have shio tsukemen, regular ramen, atsumori and regular tsukemen, and a special dish called B-men, which is basically abura soba, with shredded pork, noodles, shoyu and oil, cabbage and a few carrots. The B-men has a good taste, but not as salty or strong on the sauce side as other places, for example Miharu. Extra chopped negi onions are free regardless of what you order. There is no ticket machine - be ready with your order when you get on line - the woman will come out to take your order while you are waiting on line. It's a small shop, only 9 seats, a bit cramped. No tissues other than the ones over the coat rack on the window.

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