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Ramen Theater/One's Mall


Didn't eat here but this is another Ramen Theme Park in the Tokyo (Chiba) area, one of the last ones that I haven't been to already. Ramen Gekijou (劇場) = Ramen Theater. Several shops, but none that I had really heard of. One interesting thing about this place is that they seem to rotate the shops more frequently than other ramen theme parks. An additional listing of the current and past shops is here. However because this place is so out of the way, perhaps they get only second-tier shops or shops that are moderately famous in other parts of Japan, but not the Tokyo/Chiba headliners. Too far to walk from JR Inage Station (JR Sobu Line), you have to take a bus (from bus stop #1 on the east side of the station). Semi-outlet-type stores for cheap Chinese sneakers etc. also available for your shopping pleasure in the same building.

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