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Yakumo (8 clouds) is a very serene and quiet ramen shop in Ohashi, a small neighborhood north of Naka-Meguro Station, about 2-3 minutes walk before you hit 246.
Very cold outside and there was a long line both inside and outside, there are chairs inside and a few outside too. These guys are real craftsmen, especially on the wonton - they are home-made and they play it up behind the counter. The chicken broth has a very clear and fresh taste, with sliced pork that is pink on the outside like Chinese chashu. They have limited hours, and their vacation day is Tuesday. This place was worth it but you either have to bus it up from NM station or bus out to 246 and walk down. Any other station and you are looking at at 10-15 min walk. My first "Recommended" in a long time.

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