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This place (used to be called Dokoro どくろ, but now Chinkatei) is on the north side of the Gonnosuke slope going west on Meguro Dori from JR Meguro Station. It's a very long and narry shop with a single long counter and a friendly staff. They have a strange menu that requires some reading first. I ended up having the giant meatball ramen, the bakudan (バクダン) with the "B" broth. THe meatball was a bit spicy, but huge and grilled slightly on the outside, as if it had been broiled or baked. Dokuro means "skull". Before it was Dokuro it was a dan-dan men and gyoza specialty place, with good dan-dan men. You can choose either A or B ekisu (extract) - I chose B which is thicker and richer. Good but not worth a special trip.

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