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Ivan Ramen Plus/Kyodo


Decided to check out the new (then it was new, now it's not so new) Ivan Ramen Plus in Kyodo. It's on the corner one street back behind the KFC that you can see from the station. I went with a friend from work on a holiday Monday. They have long opening hours with no afternoon intermission. The ticket machine is all the way in the back, as is the entrance. There is a long counter which makes the most of a strangely-shaped space. Some of the staff speak some English. I had the aji-flavored broth and my coworker had the cheese mazemen. The noodles are all homemade - these were rather thin while the cheese mazemen ones were thicker. Their house beer is the Australian XXXX beer. The pork was good but not grilled. All in all a respectable effort from Ivan.

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