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Ichijouryu Ganko Ramen/Funemachi


In July 2011 the name of this place changed from FuwaFuwa (ふわふわ) to Ichijouryu Ganko Ramen. I went there with some co-workers when it was still FuwaFuwa and we had the luck of meeting the Ganko master Ichijo-san. We all had a good chat, we talked a lot about the Japan situation. He speaks quite clearly and slowly to foreigners so it was wasn't that difficult for me to understand him. This was the first time I had actually run into him. We all had the 辛メン shoyu-miso blend, the picture of which is in the June 2011 issue of ラーメン新湖流 (I think). Good but the broth was a bit sweet. For a better bowl of that style I might go to Kurenai in Fuchu even though it's a bit of a haul. The place is correctly located on Google Maps (actually in Funamachi) in the red brick building but you have to look down the hall to see the bone sign, you won't see it from the street.

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