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2011-12-27 Offers Ramen Delivery to Homes - Updated

This is a Dec 2011 update of a blog entry that originally appeared in Dec 2010:

Original article text:

Oosaki-san of RamenBank fame, of 18000 ramen bowls eaten fame etc., has started an online ramen home delivery service. Now you can have actual ramen delivered (from certain shops) directly to your home. Some other shops have been doing this through the Rakuten online portal but this is the first time I have seen someone other than the shops themselves do it. Shop List

They only seem to have a short list of shops that they deliver from, and only a few of them such as Jiraigen, Fuunji, Kazuya etc. are shops that I recognize. No Ramen Jiro.

Perhaps after the New Year I will place an order and see how the process goes and what the final result is.

Dec 2011 update:

I was finally able to order from earlier this year and I am just getting around to posting the results now. I selected the tonkotsu gyokai tsukemen from Hinode Ramen in Yokahama, you may remember them from this post last year. You have to order about 1-2 weeks in advance and pick the day of delivery, they tell you which days are available for delivery on the site. In any case the order came via "cool takkyubin" and packaged with some dry ice. You then heat up the soup (in the bag) and boil the noodles yourself. Everything tasted reasonably fresh and the total cost including shipping was less than 2000 yen for 2 portions. If the ramen shop you want is covered by then I think they are worth a try.