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I think the name of this shop is actually a male given name, pronounced either Hasumi or Renji. The insides of this Kamiuma branch are probably the worst-kept I have ever seen in Tokyo (the front auto-door was broken when I eent) and I have seen a lot of crappy ramen shops. There is also a bramch in Noborito (Machida-shi?, Odakyu-sen?) and I hope that one is better-kept. But I guarantee you will forget the messy insides once you taste the ramen and tsukemen at the Kamiuma branch. The noodles are extremely thick as you can see from the pictures, and they come with a generous helping of moyashis and garlic. The dipping sauce is available in spicy and regular shoyu versions and comes with a generous helping of large fatty pork chunks. I had the spicy one and it was quite spicy. The texture of the two combined is very satisfying. Easy to reach from either Komazawadaigaku or Sangenjaya Stations. Looks like the kind of place that keeps irregular hours, even though they are listed as 5 PM to 10 PM weekdays and regular ones on Saturdays. No phone number unfortunately. Highly ranked on Supleks.

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