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This is a Jiro clone in Ogikubo, the best one in a long time. Well-blended between shoyu and tonkotsu, very salty broth, one of the best broths out of all the the Jiro clones that I have had. Well-cut pork pieces, good balance of dark meat and lighter meat and fat as you can see from the pictures. Nice really thick squiggly chigire hand-made noodles, like super-thick linguine. You want the second button from the left on the machine, on the top row, 850 yen. No wait on a Saturday immediately after open. Regulars coming in immediately, good sign. Check the opening times, and days before you go. Interesting comic at each seat that explains some of the menu items and provides some light comedy. Watch for bicycles up and down the street when you exit. At the ticket hand-over time that's when you tell them what toppings you want. The sign outside says "doka-mori". The best translation I can find for doka is heavy, earthen, bulky, noisy. This is a bulky hearty bowl that will certainly satisfy.

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