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Koushi is located along the main drag in Komaba going south from Keio Komabatodaimae station towards the Tsukuba Daigaku/Komaba High School campus. It was crowded as soon as I walked in - not many other places nearby for one, but for a place in this type of suburb to be this crowded immediately after open is a very good sign. Very good ranking of 52+ on Supleks. No ticket machine, you order verbally. Only one guy working on a Saturday, presumably the tennushi, and he was working really hard. He will ask you to sit apart if there are two of you but no two seats together. There are also 4 waiting seats inside, some near the door and some further back. I had the very different torisoba (とりそば, 8th down on the left-hand side of the menu picture above) standard but good shoyu broth, thin egg noodles, and I got the omori for big volume. A good volume of well-grilled/fried chicken was placed on top - but the skin is left on. He said to another customer that sometimes on Saturdays he opens a little late occasionally. He also hand-makes his wontons right there in front of you. Busy on the weekends but closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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