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Mega Ganja/Kawagoe City


Good Ramen Jiro-inspired shop, admittedly out of the way in Kawagoe City in Saitama, but fortunately right near the station. Long shotengai to walk down near it, with stores like Zara, Starbucks and Maruhiro. Square-in-cross section extremely thick (as thick as the chopsticks) darker Jiro-style noodles. Soup is decent but average for this type of shop. Very strict shop staff, made us wait outside even in the rainy cold. Buy your ticket and then queue up outside close to the building. They also add (for 150 yen more) a special aburi (アブリ) grilled fatty pork bits on the side. Huge volume for the price if you get the extra veggies ("yasai mashi") Closed Wednesdays.

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