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Niboshi Kashi Ramen En/Hachioji City
煮干鰮らーめん 圓/八王子市


Apologies for the hiatus in posting - I was on a rather long business trip to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan (first time to Taiwan). Stopped by Din Tai Fung and some lesser-known dumpling and noodle places in HK and Taipei. Rest assured that the ramen reviews will restart in volume and in earnest shortly.

Niboshi Kashi Ramen En is is a niboshi (broth from dried sardines, anchovies) ramen shop located in Hachioji City. It's sort of far to get to from the loop in central Tokyo. It was really hot that day, and the place is about a 10 min walk from JR Hachioji Station. This place is one of the perenially top-rated places on Supleks, not just for niboshi but overall, for all types of ramen also. It definitely appears like a destination place, since there were at least two or three other people with guide books or maps milling around. There's a noodle-making machine and niboshi fermenting area at the front of the store, separated by a plastic panel from the rest of the shop. The husband and wife team work diligently at the back of the store mixing and chopping. The soup has a very clear taste, it's not really that fishy at all, in case the description puts you off at all. Good sliced pork. The soup was served very hot, and needed to cool down a bit before it was edible. This shop's bowl is quite photogenic and it was pictured on the cover of several famous ramen magazines in the last year or two, including Dancyu.

Note the Indian restaurant on the way back from the shop. Sounds spicy.

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