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Nagi nicai/Nishi Shinjuku
凪 nicai/西新宿


Nagi "nicai" (lowercase intentional) is related to the main Nagi chain according to Supleks, but does not appear on their home page as a branch. Word has it that the bottom floor of the building, which has the Nagi noren on it, has closed as of this writing, or will soon close. This review is about the recently-opened combination ramen shop/izakaya on the second floor. They are a ramen shop at lunch, and an izakaya at night, with a limited set of ramen dishes. I was one of the first customers of the day last Saturday. They were doing some construction on the stairs (very steep and narrow) and they seemed surprised to see a gaijin at that time of day. Note the noodles above in the niku tsukesoba (肉つけそば) - they are almost the width of lasagna noodles, but are slightly thinner. They are laid wet and thick 20-30 layers in the bowl and lots of fatty pork cubes are layered on top. The tonkotsu gyokai was very think and good and matched the noodles well, it was just a bit hard to get them into the broth for soaking. Very different texture and taste.

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