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YaRou Ramen/Kanda


This is an interesting semi-Jiro clone place, with only 7 seats. Note the reverse yellow-text-on-black sign, compared to Jiro's black-on-yellow. They have both abura-soba-like items and regular ramen. Very cramped at a small counter. One of the guys was horsing around and a whole set of metal pots came down on his head. Good taste overall, but it needed a kick. The instructions on the all (printed above) say to add the special "punch" oil/sauce, but I did not find that to make a big difference. The raw egg that they put in the shiru-nashi dishes is not noticable. Some extra abura was sprinkled on top. They could have left the shredded nori out, that texture just does not mix with the other stuff in the bowl. Not clear whether they have a second floor, or a basement, or not. It's down the street from Rramen Kenkyujou and Motoishi, this is becoming a new ramen street of leading-edge and different ramen places, all with abura-soba-type dishes as their lead items.

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