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Interesting place, I don't usually recommend udon shops but this place makes its own noodles and makes them in both lighter "shiro" and darker "kuro" (not really that dark as such) varieties. You can specify which one you want when you order, regardless of which dish you get. Also they are (sort of) cashing in on the tonkotsu gyoukai craze by offering the first (I have seen) gyoukai chashu tsukemen udon, with udon noodles that are "ramen style" or so they say, just the desire to be different I guess, while not really being different. Very cho genki ramen ojisan behind the counter, be sure to listen to him carefully. Very into his job with the little rubber boots and all. Various other broth typesin cluding the very common vegetable shoyu types, sometimes with chicken, that are typical of udon shops. Counter a bit cramped. Also you can get either the light or dark noodles as omiyage to go. Buy a ticket for them at the same time you buy your meal ticket.

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