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Butamen Kenkyujyo/Kanda


Interesting shop down the street from the Jiro clone ラーメン野郎 (that I have not gone to yet but plan to soon as they have an interesting-looking shiru nashi dish). And also almost right next to the interesting Motoishi, on the same side of the street, that we visited early this year or late last. Very eclectic inside, not sure why they claim they are a kenkyujyo (research location). Closed Sundays. However they do have some odd items on the menu, but very tasty ones. I had the shio buta mazesoba. Nice texture, homemade firm noodles, very salty with good broth left in the bowl. The green pepper vinegar (actually more the consistency of oil) pictured above makes a big difference and of course with all maze-mens you have to throw some black pepper on top. The small green leaves in the bowl I could have done without, a lot of mazesoba is about the combined texture, but the large greasy slice of kakuni-buta made up for it. At night they turn into more of an izakaya/sakaba like Motoishi, and they have a more limited ramen menu. They also have an interesting take-home ra-yu made with Chinese sansho pepper, 500 yen. Very spicy but recommended.

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