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Pretty good suratanmen - and good gyoza - in a Chinese-y place near JR Shinanomachi Station. They have an interesting collection of Chinese food items for purchase near the register, candy bars and spices and stuff like that, in addition to omochikaeri Chinese lunch items. Very thick broth, but not much pork, moderate amount of pepper, neither the pepper nor the soup flavors were too strong. The problem with most suratanmens, including this one, is that they give you such a huge portion. Why is that a problem you ask? Well this, along with the fact that the soup is so dense and hot (meaning a high latent heat content) means that the soup takes forever to cool down to a temperature where you can eat it. And during that time the noodles are still cooking and getting softer and softer - the fact that suratanmen noodles are typically thinner than most does not help here. One way to cheat the process a bit is to get some ice water, drink the water, and then add the ice to it.

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