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Opened recently in Kikunodai, about 2 minutes walk north from Keio Shibasaki Station. My research suggests that the tencho came from AFURI in Ebisu. Very simple menu - basic ramen and tsukemen, one choice of broth (strong sweet shoyu flavor but not thick consistency), with boiled egg or without (the ramen also has a tokusei special version with extra toppings). Standard toppings, chashu was quite good. Noodles are thick linguine-type, a bit difficult to pull up but cooked perfectly, 2 or 300 grams as you prefer. The dipping sauce has a sweet/sour taste with perhaps a bit of ginger and almost too many sesame seeds mixed in. One small piece of pork in the bowl so I opted for the chashu topping for an extra 200 yen, a total of 1000 yen. They have both chopped and pureed garlic on the counter. Very small inside, only 7 seats. Additional problems include fairly uncomfortable heat inside the store (one customer decided to remain waiting outside even after being motioned in to wait inside by the staff, why they don't turn on the aircon even a little bit is beyond me), and those annoying plastic chopsticks with the finely tapered ends that are exactly the wrong type for slippery tsukemen. The reviews on Google seem to be mostly positive as are tabelog. Closed Mondays.

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