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On a starting-to-get-hot-and-humid-again-sigh day back in late May right before one of my many overseas trips this summer, I decided to hit Hayashi. Tucked behind Shibuya Mark City on a relatively nondescript street up the hill. Simplest menu I have seen in a while (even Ramen Jiro locations have more choices): ramen, with or without boiled egg or grilled pork. This place specializes in the following: really tasty ramen, long lines and small portion sizes (for the price). Inside is a long horizontal counter, it's very cramped and as usual somehow I got the far end to squeeze my fat gaijin ass into. Heavy fish broth-side taste with somen-like (but not quite as thin as) noodles. Very edible. Rich taste with some grit to it. Pork and menma were excellent, pork cut a bit thin though. Closed Sundays, holidays. IMPORTANT: only open from 11:30 to 3:00 each day - so you know what the Saturday lines will be like.

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