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Takeoka is a small area of Chiba on the western side of the bay, on 495 South about 15 km south of the outlet for the Aqua Line tunnel. This location has a famous shop called Umenoya that is known for its deep, rich brown broth and its large chunks of grilled pork with chopped onions, overflowing from the bowl. I can't find any evidence that Takeoka ramen (竹岡ラーメン, Google it) is yet a style in and of itself, but it certainly is distinctive enough. So this place in Shirokanedai also follows that style, if you can call it that. I also can't find any evidence that these two shops are related, or that either of them are related to any other similarly-named shop. However I can say that the ramen at the Shirokanedai shop is very good, with very thin but curly noodles, large chunks of pork (that are not quite as grilled as some of the ones in pictures that I have seen of other shops). The broth is why you would come here though - very dark brown and salty with the onions, almost like "super shoyu". So strong the noodles seemed to take on its color. I had the #23 on the machine. Also they use the same chashu on the mini-chashu-donburi. Ticket machine outside facing the street, tissues on the shelf above the chairs.

Also around the alley corner is a new shop called Muri-Tei, the orange building in the first picture above. I have not tried that place yet but it is on the list.

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