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Menya Musashi Niten/Minami Ikebukero
麺屋武蔵 二天/南池袋


Every Menya Musashi branch seems to have a different type of pork that is their signature dish and a different way of preparing it. This branch, the Niten branch in Minami Ikebukero, is no different - their special way of doing it is to fry up the pork sort of pork- or veal-cutlet style with some egg and breading and herbs. The dish is called the buta-ten or ton-ten tsukemen (豚天つけ麺). I came in at about 1 PM on a Sunday and while there were 5-6 people waiting on line inside the shop, there was no one waiting outside. The broth was full-flavored and rich with several stand-alone pieces of pork in it. You can order regular, medium or large portions for the same price. Unfortunately they "forgot" my fried pork, while bringing it to everyone else for some reason, and I unfortunately had to ask for it. Based on that I can not give them a Recommended rating but the food was still good.

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