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中華そば しんの助/戸塚


Shinnosuke is located about 15 walk west of JR Totsuka station on the Chogo Highway (right above the Blue Line) and right near the Tokai-do overpass. They have two parking spots right next door. A little bit of an uphill climb and they are doing some massive construction project around the station as always seems to be the case. A bit of a line but they had several seats inside and two outside. Interestingly decorated wood counter that wraps all the way around the store. One table in the corner. No ticket machine, but a menu on the wall. The recommended dish is the niku soba (肉そば) for 990 yen, at the bottom of the menu. A preponderance of green onions in a rich tonkotsu gyoukai broth, served in a narrow but deep bowl - with 7 or 8 half-inch-thick half-dollar-sized chunks of grilled pork that was so tender it was literally falling apart in the bowl. Commercial Mikawaya noodles though, but they were good. You might want to consider the omori noodles for 100 yen extra as the amount is a bit small. Closed on Tuesdays and every third Monday. Some maps may suggest that it is on a road set back from the main drag but it is not, it is actually on the main drag.

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