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Tonchin/Kawasaki City


The Kawasaki City Tonchin is on the 7th floor of the Moas Building, right across from the various bus stops near the station. Note that in a future review where I cover Gyoku, I will tall you how to take the bus from one of these stations since in order to get to Gyoku it is a rather long walk. In any case Tonchin has two branches in Tokyo (one in Ikebukero, the original store, with long lines frequently, I walk by it whenever I go to the Ikebukero Jiro as it is right down the road) and the other one in Shinjuku, which I have not been to. Tonchin bills itself as true Tokyo tonkatsu ramen, however they offer both ramen and tsukemen. The Kawasaki store also has a fish/pork blend base ramen "uo-ton" (the red and blue buttons in the lower left), and similar chuuka sobas (orange). I had the chuuka soba this time, with extra chashu topping. The pork pieces were large but fairly thin. There was a few of those weird curly menmas in there too. The taste was good but not spectacular. The most popular one according to them is the "toku" one, the one on the upper left of the sign in the picture below.

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