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中華そば つし馬/浅草


Tsushima is a fairly-highly-ranked niboshi tsukemen and ramen shop in Asakusa, inside the Shin-Naka-Mise covered shopping complex near the Metro station. A very thin broth, true classic tsukemen type, with a fair fish flavor, slightly sweet. A bit skimpy on the chashu for the price though. Full of non-Japanese tourists, as you would expect and can see from the picture, given where it is. Nothing wrong with that, just be aware. They do have an English menu that they will bring out if asked, and then you point to what you want and they put your money in the machine for you and do the needful, etc. Would this be my first choice for the area though? Maybe not - Asakusa actually has a fairly large number of shops (approx. 20) that are ranked 40 or better, including 7 that are ranked 50 or better. In the area you can also go to Ganso Ebisu Ramen, which isn't on my favorites list but is something that many foreign ramen-interested visitors come across due to its presence on the page. Interesting and probably worth it if you are in Asakusa, or need to take some visitors to an authentic ramen shop after a day sightseeing, but I personally wouldn't make a special trip, even though it is good.

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