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Technically this store is in Takanawa, in Minato-ku, however I list it with the location of Shinagawa above since that is what many people will search on. The Shinatatsu Ramen Street is located just south of JR Shinagawa Station's Takanawa exit (the west-side one). It shares the distinction of being in this location with several other famous shops including Tetsu, Nantsu-Tei and Keisuke. To be honest, while Setagaya's ramen is good, it's not in my opinion up to the standards of the others and the taste was not that strong to me. The noodles are thing and not particularly special. I ordered the menma extra plate too, those were good. I know people go on and on about Setagaya, and it also has a branch in NYC, but I just can't get that enthused about it compared to some of the other places in Tokyo. It is owned by the same chain that owns the shio tsukemen place Hirugao (which just opened a branch on the Tokyo Station Ramen Street).

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