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Another day, another Rokurinsha clone. This one finds us on the 6th floor of the Higashi Kan of the GRANDUO building in Kamata, part of JR Kamata station, not Tokyu Kamata station. We went to Kamata today to stop by Indo Bazaar. This may well become our favorite Indian grocery (for non-perishables anyway, since it is a bit far from where we live), it is small but well-stocked and the proprietor is very helpful and friendly. In any case whilst the wife was busy shopping somewhere I sneaked off to see what this place had to offer. The noodles in this shop seem to be just a bit thicker than other Rokurinsha/Tetsu clones and took about 10 mins to cook. Overall same basic taste, slightly less thickness, they could probably throw in a few more onions and menmas but this was OK for a restaurant-floor ramen shop, actually not bad since it is 55 on Supleks. As I have mentioned before in other posts, the Kamata area is well-stocked for good ramen shops, including Shinka and a branch of Ramen Dai. Worth it if you are in the area.

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