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Ganso Ebisu Ramen/Asakusa

For good pictures of Ganso Ebisu Ramen click here.

Ganso Ebisu Ramen is actually not in Ebisu, it is in Sensoku in Taito-ku, about 5-10 mins walk directly north from Asakusa Station on the Tsukuba Express line from Akihabara. I managed to forget my keitai this time so that's why there are no pictures. A distinctive red wall and door make up the front of this ramen shop on Asakusa-dori. Inside, this place appears to have been visited by a number of popular world soccer stars including Pele - the walls have a large number of soccer pennants, shirts, autographed pictures and calendars hanging from them. They have a menu in both English and Japanese, I wonder if they get a lot of foreigners due to the mention on The soup for my chashumen was a clear shoyu broth, satisfying on a cold rainy day. They will ask you also if you want free rice with it ("gohan sahbisu?") Just a slight layer of oil on top. A very generous amount of longer-than-average menmas were on top. The chashu itself and the noodles were plain. The staff was fairly friendly. At the link below you can read the story of this shop and the owner. The worldramen page that appears to have been written in 2001 is obviously a bit dated - they no longer have a ticket machine. You can get here quite easily from Kaminarimon Shrine, just walk west from the shrine until you get to Asakusa-dori, then walk north.

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