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Mita Seimen Sho/Shinjuku


Picture of outside of shop

Technically this one is in Kabukicho but I am going to list it in Shinjuku, just be aware of where it is, if you are not familar with Kabukicho then look it up on Wikipedia first. This is the Shinjuku branch of the previously reviewed Mita Seimen, (the other branch is in Mita, Minato-ku), and is almost an exact clone in every respect. This is another shop that is capitalizing on the now not-so-recent boom of tonkotsu gyoukai-based broth places, most famously Rokurinsha and Tetsu. The chashu was cold (but not rolled, instead the cut type sliced from a larger slab, decent fat-to-meat ratio) but actually pretty good after you warmed it up in the broth, which was almost an exact clone of Tetsu's broth in my opinion. A good balance of flavor and texture, not too watery or salty, the very slightest hint of sweetness. This is good because this place does not have much of a line (yet) - if you are craving the Tetsu or Rokurinsha broth taste but don't want to wait, then come here. The noodles were very mochi-mochi, well-cooked and a generous portion, you can see the menu above. They even have a white lantern hanging out front just like Rokurinsha. This one has a ticket machine when you walk in. I recommend this place since it basically tastes exactly the same as Rokurinsha and there is no line (yet)...

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