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函館らーめん しお貫/恵比寿


There are not too many ramen shops in this area of Ebisu, going directly east torwards Shirokane. If you continue along in this direction you hit a branch of Kookai at the intersection but that's about it. You can easily walk to or from Hiroo or Shirokane from here. In any case this Shiokan "Hakodate"-style ramen place is rare also for this area in the sense that almost all of their items on the menu are shio-broth-based. This broth that they have is very full-flavored and rich, generous on the salt, but the chicken taste comes through also. Very strong taste. They do also have a miso broth but I have not tried that yet. Probably just the existing chicken broth added to miso paste. They also have shio tsukemen, also rare. The portions are a bit on the small side for foreign appetites. One other interesting touch was a pureed yuzu topping to be added to the soup before eating, this is optional of course and it is along side the garlic paste on the counter. The noodles were thin and relatively plain - the chashu was above average taste but cut a bit thin. A long line of stools at a long counter are inside. There are two tables for four, but they are actually outside on the porch. A worker in the front will direct you to the ticket machine all the way inside on the right, it's a bit of a squeeze to get in there and get your ticket while you are waiting. I wonder why they set it back from the street so much though, about 8-12 feet, and then have to put up with this crowded setup.

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