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Tsubomi, meaning "flower bud", is a small shop of < 10 seats in Oimachi, going southwest from the station. The broth in this place is a combination of chicken, tonkotsu and shoyu and has an abundance of small onions floating in it. However it has a relatively weak flavor, almost as though it had been watered down to make it very thin - tsukemen broths should be thicker I think. Only this one type is available. However they had very good barley tea in the pitchers. The noodles were homemade and very mochi mochi, the default amount was 250g. The chashu topping gives you 6 slices total. There were also two or three big menmas in the soup. However if you order the tsukemen then I recommend you upgrade the menmas also along with the chadhu. A row of white plastic chairs stood quietly against the wall. There is no ticket machine, you order from the menu at the seat and pay when you leave. If you are into nori then you can get the special nori mashi, with 15 sheets of nori in the soup, the guy next to me got it but I didn't take a picture of it. The shop appears to have had different names at different time, at one time it was called "Chuuka Soba Tsubomi" (中華蕎麦 蕾), or alternatively "Tonkotsu Shoyu Tsubomi" (豚骨醤油 蕾). Open all day but closed on Sundays.

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