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Mitsuyado Seimen/Musashi Koyama


Mitsuyado merged with Fujiyama Seimen some time last year. The four locations for this combined chain are now in Nakameguro, Takadanobaba (right near Menya Sou), Musashi Koyama and Kawagoe City in Saitama. This chain is an excellent place for those who desire a high level of noodle customizability, if such a phrase makes sense in any language other than Japanese. Like all other branches, they display the workers making noodles in the window so you can see the freshness and the procedure. There are a large number of different items on the menu. I had the current "special", the national-wheat-made noodle with yuzu tsukemen. Good but quite sweet - the noodles were the color of soba. They have a standard set of condiments - but the big story here is the noodles. Very mochi mochi and tasty. The service was very quick, this is the busiest place I have been to in a long time (there's a recession going on here you know and other places seem to be more empty) - they have two counters and some tables. You can choose your noodle amount, several choices at the same price and you can also choose the level of noodles warmness/coldness. For this shop the ticket machine is outside - the menu is very easy to read. I will say however that the regular tsukemen is a slightly sweeter broth than most others and if you are put off by eating a sweet taste with your noodles then I would say avoid the tsukemen. Also for what it is worth, IMO the Musashi Koyama shotengai is one of the better ones in the south west part of the loop. Very stylish bowls and plates if you are into that sort of thing also.

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