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Fujiyama Seimen/NakaMeguro

Fujiyama Seimen is a (relatively) large shop right alongside NakaMeguro station on Hibiya-sen. It has an semi-outside seating area on the left side and a lot of room inside. It is well-known for its large selection of tsukemen variations, as you can see in pictures of the menu here (scroll down to the set of 4 pictures) and here. It was warm but not humid at all today in Tokyo, and there was a nice breeze so the shop was quite comfortable. Inside the shop the staff was very busy, they seemed good-natured but a bit disorganized, and I ended up getting my tsukemen 10 minutes after the gentleman sitting next to me got his, and he came in after I did. They were very apologetic when I pointed this out to them and they offered me free goodies. Oh well. The noodles are made on site, there's a glass-windowed room off to the side where a solitary worker sat and threaded dough sheets through a noodle-cutting machine. I must say that the noodles here are some of the best I have had recently, done perfectly. The omori was a decent portion but not huge however. The tsukemen shiru was pretty much your standard slightly sweet taste (maybe a bit too sweet for some, a stronger orange or yuzu taste possibly) but had strips of kamaboku in it though, not my favorite. If you want to try a lot of different types of tsukemen then you might find this place interesting. There is also a sister store in Takadanobaba, which I have not been to yet.

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