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On the main drag going west from JR Yoyogi Station, there was a line of about 5 people on a cool Feburary Saturday. This was prior to a Costco trip with a couple of my friends from work. They offer an interesting, slightly spicy tsukemen with a large generous portion of pork, but a bit too much sesame and nori. The broth was a bit watery, with chopped green and white onions floating in it. Most people were getting the regular ramen as it was cold that day. The water dispenser is in an awkward location so get your water first, or bring tea from outside. The ticket machine is outside next to the door. This place is not so hightly ranked on livedoor, just an average score. On the plus side it is a very bright and well-lit store with fixed stools on the floor and while tile walls. The noodles were like very thick linguine with small bits of togarashi in it. There were garlic, sesame and koshou on the table. The instructions on the back wall tell you how to mix them all thogether in the proper way. This place is decent but you can do better around Yoyogi station.

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