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Ramen Jiro/Keisei Okubo


Another Jiro crossed off the list. Now two left, in Omiya and Tochigi-ken. This one took a while to get to - you have to take the JR Sobu line to Funabashi station, then switch to the local train to get to Keisei Okubo station, then you walk north/northwest about 15 minutes. There was a line of about 3 people outside and 9 waiting inside. It's a very clean and new store, recently moved from another location (down the street I believe). The (presumably) husband and wife team were working behind the counter - he was pretty intense, the wife was more laid back and he glowered at her when she got in the way. There were no tissues there. They have a decent-sized bowl - they also have a mini Jiro too as well as tsukemen also. Unfortunately they have very dry chashu though. The noodles were linguine-size and there was a very standard and normal jiro taste. There's a drink vending machine right outside and a bus stop right across the street. If you live in the area, then this is your Jiro, but it's hard to list it as a Recommended, since is it not in Tokyo and is so far.

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