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This place is one of the "average" (at-best) places in Jiyugaoka. With the exception of DaiDai, Jiyugaoka does not have a lot going for it in ramen overall, but I keep picking places off the list and trying to find another place wiorth going to. After taking my wife to Jiyugaoka to do some shopping I then took off on my own, meeting her later. Beaten up wooden counter and chairs. This place serves a weaker tonkotsu broth with thinly sliced pork and regular thickness noodles. The bowl includes several nori sheets. I was not greeted at the door, nor was I offered a free upgrade to a larger size of noodles, like the Japanese customers that came in right after me. Oh well, I'll keep looking around in Jiyugaoka. Also there are two shops with this name in Jiyugaoka, one is the south (minami 南) and one is the north (kita 北), this review refers to the north branch.

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