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This Gotanda branch of Santouka (remember very occasionally you will see the characters written right to left instead of left to right) has the toroniku - 8 or 9 very thin slices of pig cheek meat - very fatty and expensive at about 750 yen but worth it if you are a pork fan. Santouka didn't always have tsukemen, this is a new dish that they have. There also used to be a Santouka in Ebisu but that branch has closed. These noodles were good and chewy - the tsukemen comes with different noodles than those that come with the regular shio ramen. They are actually somewhat al dente to begin with. There was a line of 5-10 people and a long counter, very friendly staff. Some of the people were waiting inside. Unfortunately unlike the Japanese customers before and after me I didn't receive one of the discount tickets when I paid my bill (waribiki kens).

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