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I had some personal business to conduct down the street from Ranmaru, on a weekday at lunch time, so I stopped in - I had passed many times before but never went in until today. There was a fairly long line of 10-15 people, extending out to the sidewalk, including a couple of other westerners. They have a narrow hallway in the front with room for about 5-6 people at a long counter, and then after that they have a bunch of tables in the back. The special tsukemen has onions and large chicken chunks in the broth, chicken is rare for tsukemen or even ramen in Tokyo. It's a somewhat rich and salty shoyu broth but nothing really special, and I got the extra chashu ticket (4 slices) to test that out in addition to the chicken. I must say that the quality of the chashu, which was fairly well done and grilled on the outside, was high. The noodles were the thin nondescript linguine type and not such a big portion. There were tissues available. However the AC was a little low and should have been turned up higher for a humid and busy day like this, especially at lunch time with so many people in the place.

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