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Biton (Beautiful Pig) is a bit of a sleeper shop (I think) in Hachioji, down the long shipping street that runs north-west from JR Hachioji Station. The surprise rain was starting to come down and the street quickly cleared of all of the shoppers who were not prearmed with umbrellas. I say it's a sleeper shop because it has all of the hallmarks of being a great shop, good pork, a very casual informal atmosphere, unfortunately it was less than half full when I got there on a late Saturday PM. It's interesting in that it is just a few counter seats and 3 or four large tables behind a large glass picture window and door where you can look out on the street, a bit dark inside too, the only person working there was a single young woman behind the counter who had to both cook and bus tables. Strong garlic smell throughout the place. The large tsukemen with extra chashu was generally the same as other shops except for the fact that the extra chashu (4 thin slices) side order was marinated in some sweet shoyu-based sauce after it was grilled. The broth was tonkotsu gyoukai and the noodles were a generous portion but a bit thin. You can add both togarashi ninniku (spicy garlic) or ra-yu (chili oil) to your dish. The sign above the seat is similar to Ikaruga's - it tells you the tastiest way of eating your tsukemen - adding vinegar, shichimi, and informs you that you can ask for more hot noodle water. There are some yakiniku places also called Biton so don't get confused. page
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