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Shinbashi/Oshima Ramen


Keiji Oshima's Ramen is a chain of about 10 stores in Japan, mostly in Tokyo (Ginza, Shibuya, Ueno etc.). The Shinbashi store is pretty plain inside and is located in the slightly seedy area east of the athletic track south of JR Shimbashi Station. Their shoyu wonton ramen has a decent Tokyo shio/shoyu taste, with a generous amount of noodles, but the wontons were just flat pieces of noodle with no filling. The menma were the good thick kind but were served cold, like they were just taken from the fridge. The ticket machine is a little hard to understand and has some really damaged buttons. It was a large portion, served very hot, but just based on regular chicken broth, shoyu, some other flavorings, since he put it together right in front of me this was obvious. It wasn't something that was lovingly boiled and fussed over for hours. The grilled pork was decent but thin. They also have 1/2 chahans and kitokuchi gyozas. Not much else to say here, typical street corner ramen shop, they also have tsukemen but nothing else notable on the menu.

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