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Went to Jyanzu for lunch last Sunday with my friend Claudio from work, there was about a 25 minute line outside at 11:45, about 15 mins after the open. Four black leather seats outside in the 28-29 degree heat, almost as bad as just standing there. No ticket machine, this appears to be a husband and wife team, wife takes the orders, husband cooks and delivers. The tissues and water machine are in the corner under the TV. The menu has an ume shio broth choice which sounds interesting. Also interesting is that they have three styles of noodles - I had the tsukesoba but I recommend that you get the third one, the "san ban", the kawami thick noodles, like very thick spaghetti. The broth is a very salty tonkotsu gyokai with extra powder sprinked in it. The o-mori noodle amount is probably about 300 grams - the regular size is 170 grams I think. A while plastic letters on black sign in the corner of the room duly proclaims that "only the best ingredients are used". One odd thing is that while you can order the ramen dishes with pork, you cannot get pork on the side as a topiing like most other places. They also have a special form of shredded menma. This is the 13th best tsukemen shop in all of Tokyo right now, according to Supleks.

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