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Ramen Jiro/Tachikawa
ラーメン 二郎/立川


Well still three more Ramen Jiros to go, since now there's a new one on the boards in Omiya, right near the Saitama Railway Museum. It was a hot day in Tachikawa but it was decently air conditioned inside. There are 11-12 seats at the counter, with two waiting seats and 5 or so standing spots. They only have the sho (小), in both single buta and double sizes. The line outside and inside was about 20-25 mins long and if you get there after about 12-12:30 you can stand in the shade of the building. It's a very busy bicycle street so be sure not to get in the way or the obasans will run you over. It's a standard-size bowl of regular Jiro taste. You get a generous 8 slices of pork in the double buta 850 yen size, the cleanly-cut type with very little fat on it. The noodles are like round linguine and include a generous portion of moyashis too. Very efficient but tentative service, like they were still working things out. The two guys behind the counter were quite intense. There's a yellow ceramic pig in the corner next to the Jiro creed on the wall. One of they guys was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a pig in soccer attire kicking a clove of garlic soccer style. A very new store, with that white wallpaper that is usually in gaijin apartments that scratches if you so much as look at it the wrong way. The single rest room is in the back - no tissues or spoons.

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