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In a very busy entertainment area north-west of the station, directly west of the KeihinTohoku-sen platform, there is a very cramped shop (in the same location as the old Kamada Ramen Dai I believe). There is only room for about 4 people to wait inside. This shop is relatively new, it opened on July 4th, and the workers look like they still had a bit of practice to get through before they were fully "in the groove" as it were. They all had sopping-wet towels wrapped around their heads and they all looked like they were going slightly nuts, I would imagine partially due to the odd way the shop is laid out. Four workers (three men, one woman) serving only 12 seats. There is a dumbwaiter in one corner of the shop which implies a second floor (or basement) at some point. They initially forgot my niku mashi tickets. For the size of the store, and the number of ACs that they had, it should have been cooler in there. They served Rokurinsha-style mochi-mochi noodles, perhaps a bit thinner than Rokurinsha but not by much. The exact same tonkotsu gyoukai taste, even with the powdered pork. Napkins but no tissues. This place claims that their ramen is very gattsuri (plentiful). One look at the menu and you realize that this store is trying to be Rokurinsha, Ramen Jiro and Junk Garage all rolled into one, examine the menus and pictures. They had the ground-up pork, and the fried onions were the dry from a bottle type. They gave me a special ticket providing free service until Sept 7 - pickled egg, fried onions, beer or a soft drink. I think this shop will be capable of great things once they work out the initial kinks. If you want the Rokurinsha/Tetsu taste but don't want to wait on the long lines, and don't mind all of the growing pains of a new shop, keep an eye on this place.

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