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Yamada Ramen/Ebisu
山田 らーめん/恵比寿


On Komazawa-dori, on the north side where there are many trendy shops, going torwards NakaMeguro, there is a small shop with 10 seats and one small table for four. Their tonkatsu miso ramen was quite good, with a freshly fried tonkatsu in the middle of it. They have many items such as fish statues and bear pictures on the walls and shelves of the shop. This is indicative of a shop or an owner that comes from Hokkaido, which is the generally-accepted birthplace of miso ramen. There are many magazines in the corner near the door. It was a thinner miso broth, tasted like it had some pork or chicken broth mixed into it and it was stirred around in a wok for a few seconds before being delivered. My coworker got the omori which at 1000 yen was an extremely large bowl of food. The chahan was also a generous portion. The counter service was very efficient and consisted of 3 older workers, presumably the owners, who didn't fool around. Not a lot of physical atmosphere though other than the statues. The miso ramen also include a boiled egg and moyashi, and the chashu was the drier lighter type. It also included onion. The shop has very limited hours during the day, so be sure to check the links below for the latest information.

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