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Menbaka Musuko Tetsu/Yokohama
麺バカ息子 徹/代々木上原


I think that Menbaka Musuko has the thickest ramen noodles I have ever had. They are almost the size/thickness of #2 pencils and extremely chewy, think slightly undercooked extra thick udon-size. They came with a rich but very salty (mostly pork) broth with a large amount of onions and three giant sheets of nori, 10x10 probably at least. You can get free omori I believe, if you get the tokubetsu special tsukemen, and you might want to consider that - the portion of noodles was about average given the size of them. You can get these thick noodles or regular tsukemen thickness noodles - note that the amount for the futsu mori and the chu mori differs based on which thickness you pick, according to the pictures at the Hedgehog link below. There's a very limited menu on the machine. The pork was good quality tenderloin, but it was all chopped up though. Decent rankings on Supleks but unique enough to make my recommended list. Close to Keikyu Tsurumi Station which is convenient on the way to or from Yokohama Station.

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